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Revised: April 9, 2022
About US
The Woodbridge Lions Club is a group of men and women who volunteer their time for humanitarian causes in Woodbridge, Virginia, the eastern part of Prince William County and the world community. We conduct service projects and fund raising events in the Woodbridge area.
Our motto is "We Serve".
The Woodbridge Lions Club was chartered on March 1, 1955 with 40 members. The Quantico Lions Club was the sponsoring Lions Club. The Woodbridge Lions Club has sponsored three additional Lions Clubs in the greater Woodbridge area. They are the Dale City Lions Club, the Lake Ridge Lions Club and the Woodbridge Sunset Lions Club.
The Woodbridge Lions enjoy:
  • The opportunity to share in community improvement,
  • Fulfillment of personal social responsibility,
  • Satisfaction from helping others,
  • Membership in the worlds largest service organization,
  • Self improvement and peer support,
  • Development of leadership skills and
Melvin Jones, who was an insurance agent, founded the Lions Club Association in Chicago, Illinois in 1917. Lions Club International has grown to be the largest service organization in the world. It has over 1.4 million members belonging to local Lions Club throughout the world. Lions Club International headquarters is located in Oak Brook, Illinois, USA. A board of directors, which are elected annually at the International Convention, governs the international association.
Our colors are purple and gold and they were selected at the 1st Convention. Purple stands for loyalty to friends, and integrity of mind and heart. Gold symbolizes sincerity of purpose, kindness in judgement, purity in life, and generosity in mind, heart and purse to those in need. Our slogan is Liberty Intelligence Our Nations Safety (LIONS).

In 1925 Helen Keller, who was blind addressed the Lions International Convention and challenged the Lion members to be "Knights of the Blind in the crusade against darkness". Read Helen Keller's speech.

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